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Pinto - Hand-Lettered Font
Type designer Georg Herold-Wildfellner of foundry FaceType has created the hand-lettered Pinto font family in 2014.
Buy the hand-drawn Pinto font family on MyFonts
Check out more about the Pinto hand-lettered font family or discover other best fonts on WE AND THE COLOR.
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Hand Crafted Custom Typography by Simon Walker

(via type-lover)


New Jersey based design studio  - 1 Trick Pony, self promotion work Alcoholicdays.  

A cool 3D calender for drinking nights.




The Worship Project
by Number Ninety Two Studio


Type Twister

this is the work of Jorge Lawerta, illustrator and typographer from Valencia, Spain. The versatile and extreme creative designer is a specialist when it comes to handmade typography. His posters and artworks are directly translated from mind to hand. His illustrational skill give him more power to make the artwork look more awesome. Enjoy it!

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Atto   |

"Redesign of visual identity for Uovo Performing Arts Festival. Designed at Zetalab. Year: 2013."

Atto is a design consultancy based in Milan, directed by Sara Bianchi and Andrea Zambardi who decided to found an independent studio after gaining experience working several years with different studios (Studio Bianca, Alizarina, Zetalab). Atto works on a various range of projects: brand identity, editorial, illustration, motion graphic and web always taking care of every details and steps of the process. Atto believes in the value of teaching. We collaborate with schools in the education of young designers (Politecnico di Milano, Istituto Europeo di Design) and develop workshops for children to explain them the job of the graphic designer.

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mcdonalds just doesnt give a fuck anymore


B U S H I D O !
by Abbas Mushtaq